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Google Search

So you have heard of Google and you know that magical bar can search and find exactly what you are looking for, but do you know how and why and what it can do for your business?

Its this amazing thing called google search and has been around since October 23, 2000 when the first search ad was created. Websites weren’t going away, and their search bar had started to really pick up and started to be used more. They had two years of growth and knew there was a better way to help people find what they were searching for.

Tadah 🎉 Google Search ads were started and because of that we can find anything we want and within 0.03 seconds. It's the type of system I wish my brain had also had continued updates. ;)

Google Search is one of the pillars of marketing. Its one of the first things we recommend for a business. Why? Because we want to make sure to catch anyone who used that magical google bar to search for you or something like you. So we build out campaigns based on your story that should match the website, tag lines, brand name, story, if they spell it badly, if they are looking for something similar. We want to cath them all and send them to our website.

Google has also done a great job keeping up with the movement of the internet. As with all new things it was fluid and things have changed alot in twenty + years. Some for good and some for bad. So lets break it down for you starting with some Lingo.

✅ Google ads - This is where you create ads to run for your company.

✅ GTM Tag - This is used to be able to add additional tracking, or updated code that is needed. It makes the developers job a little bit easier

✅ G4 - With the updated rules around mobile tracking. Google is just rolling out G4 analytics that will bridge the gap between websites and mobile phones tracking and keep the conversion going.

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