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Facebook Marketing

When it comes to marketing with Facebook, marketing strategies can seem overwhelming. But fortunately, there are countless ways to market to your audience with both organic reach, or the people that see your content because they or a friend liked your page, or paid reach. Here are 6 easy ways to start marketing with Facebook, whether you have a $0 or $1,000,000 budget.

Facebook Groups

Every 6 months or so, Facebook changes its algorithm to better serve its users, and in 2018, Facebook took measures to favor more transparent content. To take being transparent one step further, Facebook also began to favor content in groups. Creating a Facebook group is an effective way to practice inbound marketing, and focus on developing relationships and serving your audience directly.


Facebook stories offer a unique behind the scenes approach to marketing, and also appear at the top of the newsfeed. Considering stories have reached over 150 million active users and growing 15 times faster than newsfeed sharing according to MediaKix, this medium offers a more transparent approach to directly speak with your audience.

Facebook Live

Another great way to get your content seen, Facebook Live sends a notification to anyone who follows you the moment you go live. This option allows you to develop yet another authentic way to connect to your audience, and additionally allows you to save and share your video. Consider hosting a Facebook Live event to engage your audience.

Business Page

Simply by keeping your business page up to date, you can generate relevant engagement and business. Make sure your website is linked, your information is accurate, and that Facebook Messenger is optimized to use this organic opportunity to get leads. Your Facebook Business page will also help you rank in the search engine, and scheduling content to serve your audience through platforms like Buffer and Later make content scheduling simple.

Facebook Ads

Even for just $1 a day, Facebook Ads has so much information about your ideal audience that you can use toward your advantage. And with the Facebook Pixel, Facebook can even target and retarget the people that are already visiting your website.

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